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When we started shopping around for a gym franchise, we looked at many, many “cookie cutter” gyms that just weren’t what we were looking for.  We didn’t want a gym that was all about the bottom line. We wanted a gym that was actually about physical fitness and could make a real difference in world. When we came upon Legacy Fit® and ‘No Days OFF®’…the skies opened up and the truth became clear. We had found the ideal gym.

Through the “No Days OFF®’ way of life, Legacy Fit® empowers its members with a philosophy of life, with a belief that we can become more than we are if we only apply ourselves. And as the number one bootcamp gym in Miami, the ‘No Days OFF®’ mantra is obviously working for the original Legacy Fit®. We know we will see the same results in Summerville.

Through proper diet, nutrition and exercise Legacy Fit® members will find themselves inspired and motivated to get to the gym. We actively promote partner interval training, involving our members with one another and, in turn, our trainers become an intricate part of YOUR workout process.

Although Legacy Fit® has gained great notoriety for training professional athletes, don’t let that intimidate you. We offer membership levels designed to address each individual fitness level, in addition to personal training for that one on one workout we all sometimes need.

There is a new era in physical fitness today and Legacy Fit® is leading the way. Come see us at Legacy Fit® –  Summerville and learn how you to can be a part of the ‘No Days OFF®’ movement and become the very best you possible.