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Antoine Barnes

Legacy Fit Summerville SCSports came easy and early for the highly athletic Antoine Barnes.  Football and basketball were his passion all through school and he excelled as a leader and example of the consummate athlete anyone would want on their team. His love of sports continued as he later became involved with community softball, again setting the standard for sportsmanship, commitment and fair play.

Hungry to maintain his athletic prowess and healthy lifestyle, Antoine searched for the perfect gym to call home. Word was there was a fresh approach to fitness at a new bootcamp gym in Summerville called Legacy Fit®. He met with owner, Dominic Mariotti, and felt that the holistic view of health and wellness represented in the No Days OFF® way of life was just what he’d been looking for.

As he grew to understand and appreciate the No Days OFF® philosophy, he realized he wanted to share the way of life with others, to help influence healthy, complete lives both in and out of the gym.  Antoine joined the staff at Legacy Fit® and has since become one of the most respected personal trainers in the Southeast. Available for private personal training and bootcamp classes, Antoine is a committed trainer with a focus on the whole person…mind and body.

Lucy Sprovach

Gyms in Summerville SCI became a certified massage therapist in 2006 in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I worked for a chiropractor and a wellness center before working for myself for several years. My best friend and I were married in 2008 and started our family in November of 2010. Having my son is what began my health and fitness journey. I want to be a healthy, positive influence for my kids. Eating right and working out became more than something I had to do, it turned it into my lifestyle.

Late in 2012, I became pregnant with our second child, another boy, and we decided that the family needed a change. We came to Summerville, SC and have been living in the low country for 5 years now. I had toyed with becoming a personal trainer for three years. I have always had a passion for helping others so I enrolled in the International Sports Science Association and became ISSA certified in June.

I am your everyday Mom, who knows what it’s like to struggle with their weight and how hard it is to fit in time for yourself. To encourage, uplift and make stronger, healthy bodies we need more positive influences in our lives. I want to be that for people. I fell in love with PIT® training AT Legacy Fit. Having a partner and a trainer with you every step of the way keeps you motivated. Brings a positive energy to the workout and pushes you farther than if you were doing it alone. The No Days OFF® philosophy keeps you moving. No excuses. You bring your best and leave all your stresses on the turf.

Dominic Mariotti

Legacy Fit® Dominic Mariotti

A natural born athlete, Dominic Mariotti began his career in sports at a very young age. Soccer, basketball, virtually any physically challenging sport caught his attention but none like the game of roller hockey.  A college stand-out at Neumann University in Aston, PA, following graduation with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Dominic was quickly drafted by Italy to compete in the European Roller Hockey League (CEHR) where he lead his team to theconfederation championship in 2011.

Upon his return to the United States, Dominic realized his calling was indeed sports and physical fitness and he began to pursue the “perfect” gym to call his own. A firm believer in a holistic approach to fitness, inclusive of not only exercise but mental health and proper nutrition, Dominic found Legacy Fit® the perfect fit for his vision. The family atmosphere, trust and camaraderie resulting from the “No Days OFF®” movement and the Legacy Fit® way of living was clearly the right choice.

As a personal physical trainer, he brings professional level conditioning and commitment to YOUR workout, encouraging you to become the very best you that you can possibly be. Dominic, as a former professional athlete, knows just what it takes to encourage YOU to achieve YOUR physical fitness goals.